Meet The Artist

MAGONI is a contemporary Fine Jewellery company created by the Spanish designer Marta G Onieva. As the daughter of the well-known Spanish sculptor, Jose G Onieva, she was trained and made her first pieces at a very young age. She lived under the influence of a family of artists and in that environment, a natural desire arose to be part of that world. Her passion comes from the love for precious materials, design & nature.

As part of her deepening journey into the art world, Marta graduated from prestigious design schools and completed a Luxury Design Masters degree at the Istituto Marangoni, Milan. She lived abroad for over 10 years in New York, Sydney, Milan, and principally in London, where she was based for 7 years. She focused mainly on Luxury Interior Design, working for high-end well known firms for which she designed beautiful interiors and bespoke hand crafted pieces of furniture.

The purpose of MAGONI’s work is to make wearable art for sophisticated women to use every day, and to create a special link between precious metals, art and nature. Her timeless pieces reflect the individuality, strength and radiance of every single woman who wears a bespoke piece of MAGONI jewellery, regardless of the occasion. The sculptural designs of her creations are both unique and distinctive, turning MAGONI´s jewellery into an empowering statement.

The Artist believes that what we wear becomes part of our identity, and that jewellery is often bought in order to embody memories of important life experiences that hold great emotional value. This is why we ensure that your pieces will be deeply personal to you.


Sustainability and global responsibility are of vital importance to MAGONI, which is why every piece of our jewellery is handmade by the artist and her artisans in Spain. All our precious stones, metals and packaging are carefully selected "from spanish suppliers who respect our values and are environmentally sustainable." All of our stones are certified by independent gemmological laboratories (GIA, HRD, LFG).


is for Mysterious
The Unique Side of You
is for Authentic
Reflecting your True Identity
Is for Glamorous
Celebrating your Timeless and Elegant Style
Is for original
One of a Kind Wearable Art
Is for Natural
Sustainability and Respect for our Beautiful Planet
Trust your Instincts!