Whether celebrating a precious moment, a special relationship, or remembering an important life event, our bespoke service gives you the opportunity to create something meaningful and distinctive. We love to create unique, personalised pieces of jewellery that will remain with you for a lifetime.
You will be fully involved in the design process, meeting the artist and working side by side with her to give life to your ideal & unique piece. This is an opportunity to explore the limitless possibilities of the creative process with a real artist!

T he P rocess

The process of creating your unique piece will begin with meeting the artist and discussing your ideas, inspiration and budget.

You can either create a unique and personalised design, or make adjustments to one of our existing MAGONI pieces.

You will receive various design proposals based on your suggestions along with a selection of stones to choose from that correspond to your project.

Your bespoke piece will be handmade for you within 4-6 weeks depending on the project. Should you require an urgent order, let us know in advance so we can look into the possibility of a quicker turnaround.

Please contact us here or at if you are interested in creating a bespoke piece and we will book you an appointment with the artist.

"Every Piece of Jewellery Tells a Story"

The journey from your vision to the creation of a bespoke, unique piece of jewellery will be entirely personalised to you. Each element of your piece will be individually crafted based on a dialogue of ideas between yourself and the artist, including from the shape and the stones, to the type of gold. By using your vision and inspiration as a foundation, we will work together to create a work that truly is a reflection of you.

“Jewellery Has the Power to Be the One Little Thing
That Makes You Feel Unique”